CC Eliminator Plus
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· Removal of Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide and Pyrophoric Iron
· One-Step Decontamination Vapor Phase and Circulation
· Reduces Turnaround Time
· Biodegradable and Waste Treatment System Compatible
· Compatible with all Metals CC-Eliminator Plus for the decontamination of Benzene/H2S/Pyrophoric Iron

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: CC-Eliminator Plus is designed to reduce levels of benzene, eliminate hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron present in refining vessels, tanks and process loops. CC Eliminator Plus can be used as a one step decontamination process handling both the degassing and degreasing in the same treatment.

pH........ 7.8
Appearance... Clear
Foam....... Moderate
Biodegradability. 100%
Odor....... Slight
Density...... 1.0

USING PROCEDURES: Analysis of the waste to be treated for total sulfides will best determine the amount of CC Eliminator Plus needed for treatment. Contact your Clean Concepts representative to analyze and test for the best recommendation. Inject CC Eliminator Plus into the process loop or mist into the vessel. CC Eliminator Plus reacts with the hazardous compounds and binds them in the water where they can be dropped out in the waste treatment process and disposed of in non-hazardous sludge form. Some fresh water rinsing may be required to remove loose iron particles.

MATERIAL SAFETY: Compatible with all metallurgy STORAGE: Store in container inside at temperatures above freezing. Reseal container after withdrawal of product. PRECAUTIONS: Please refer to the label and the Material Safety Data Sheet for all warnings, recommenda- tions for safety equipment, and other regulatory information.

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